About Us

About Us

Hoqoqna Institution for development and relief

Hqoqna Org for relief and development is a Charity, nonprofit organization in Gaza, created to help needy families, protect their welfare, and change their life for better.

Hqoqna carried out different charity projects which contributed to helping Gazan families like: Construction and renovation projects, provision drink water project, sponsorships, Income-generating work projects, clothing projects, provision of sacrifice projects, provision of food baskets project, water well drilling project, helping patients project.

Kamala Project

Hqoqna tries to provide kafalas for orphans, patients and needy families.

Education Grants

Helping children to educate.                                                              

Helping Projects

Provision of food parcels, money, clothes, water and others.


  • To maintain the Palestinian identity and build the persona through out protecting of individuals from
  • To support the Palestinian sociaty by providing services that respond to its basic needs and contribute to its progress and development.
  • To Prepare skilled employees who have the capabilities to contribute to build a person to have a role in his community.
  • Spread in all Palestine and outside.

Why it’s Hoqoqna?

Hoqoqna is for all. it pays attention for poor and needy

It has a sufficient and humble team

It aims to reach all needy in Gaza Strip

Partnerships – How do we get funding?

Hoqoqna Institution relies on different ways for the funding of its projects such as:

  1. The Strategic Partners, many local institutions and international offices in Gaza Strip.
  2. Arabic and Islamic Institutions.

Our development:

The organization started with a youth group that sought to do good and help the needy, when the humanitarian situation continued to deteriorate, it began to develop and transform into the institutional form that built its departments and programs, it became completely dependent on the policies, systems and laws that frame the relationships between the employees themselves, beneficiaries, partners and society

Designing our projects:

The association’s works, projects and proposals are all produced based on the needs assessments carried out by the association’s teams, which emanate mainly from the beneficiaries themselves and from the needs of the targeted communities in a way that is consistent with the vision and mission of the association.

This work is carried out by trained teams that collect data and information and analyze them scientifically, through the results they have reached that determine people’s needs and desires while taking advantage of focus groups with community leaders and their representatives


we work with philanthropists to delight the oppressed and the needy.

Our Message

To protect people from exploitation, stand with marginalized and the poor to provide them a decent life. to build a strong society. it’s all because we love Allah and people.

spirit of youth

The association is highly considered as youth gathering, as many as 70% of its team are young people aged between 20-30 years. it also provides equal opportunities between men and women in fields that appropriate their abilities estimated as a rate of 65% for men and 35% for women.

What distinguishes us:

The association is distinguished by its ability to quickly reach the affected people in marginalized and hard-to-reach areas by having a team of volunteers trained to respond to disasters and humanitarian situations through (rapid assessment – supply chain and logistical support – using available resources

also its distinguished for its implementation of innovative and creative projects that serve the community